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Wuxi Fangzhou Water Cooling Equipment Co.Ltd,in the process of product design and manufacturing, integrate the enterprise culture essence based on integrity and responsibility, make the inanimate water-cooling system become so vivid and full of anima, reflecting the superior strength and personality radiance of Fangzhou water-cooling. Our company was founded in 1996, located in the Taihu lake with traffic developed,unique geographical position in Wuxi of Jiangsu province,we are the first professional well-known manufacturer in domestic that engaged in R&D,manufacture and sales of closed cooling towers. The sales in 2008 had exceeded billion yuan foe the first time, today the Fangzhou water-cooling is a modem enterprise integrating the international marketing operation, a senior manufacturer in cooling system. Over the decades, the company dedicated to service thousands of customers in domestic and foreign countries, won much praise in the industries of smelting, heat treatment, food and beverage,printing,air conditioning,power generation,water treatment,coal chemical,LNG/CNG,calcium carbide and so on.
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